How can Learn Local help you?

Learn Local organisations across Victoria offer a range of education and training programs designed to meet your learning needs. There’s a government registered Learn Local in your community that can help you return to study, improve your reading, writing and maths skills, gain a qualification, get a job or learn something new. Discover more

What you can learn

We have courses and programs for people of all ages and all walks of life. A Learn Local in your community could help you:

  • land your first job
  • finish school
  • get back to work after long-term unemployment
  • change your career
  • get into further training or university
  • develop social skills and increase confidence.
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Learner stories

A young woman

Working with children

Learning English as an adult can be difficult but with a little determination and effort, you can go a long way – just like Rehka.

Young man in shirt and tie

Turning your life around

Despite battling every day with very high levels of anxiety, Matt has turned his life around and is now a student mentor and valued volunteer.

Smiling woman with brown hair

It’s never too late

It's never too late to embark on a journey towards a new career. Anita is proof of this and now she has a brand new lease on life.

Spotlight on

Find out more about the Learn Local providers in your community.

Pathways for life

Cloverdale Community Centre is a Neighbourhood House and Learn Local organisation located in Corio in the northern suburbs of Geelong. Cloverdale deliver education, social and cultural programs to the local community. They support a diverse range of community members, including those from different age and cultural groups and people with varying English proficiency and learning… Read more »

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