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4 tips to help improve your English

Studying English in a classroom is a great way to learn, but if you really want to improve your English skills you’ll need to do some practice outside of the classroom too. Here are some tips to help you on your way to improving your English skills.

1. Put labels on objects in your house.

Make some labels from paper and stick them onto items in your home, such as the fridge, mirror, cupboards, doors, light switches, anything that you can! You could also write a list of fruits and vegetables and other food items and hang it in your kitchen. With these lists and labels around your house you’ll see them regularly and remember them in no time.

2. Watch television and movies and listen to the radio.

This is a great way to hear how English speakers talk with one another. It might be confusing to listen to and quite often they’ll use a lot of expressions that don’t seem to make sense! However, getting to know some English and Australian phrases will help you understand everyday speaking better. If you watch a DVD you can also go back and listen to something again if you need to. Having the radio on, even in the background will surround you with the English language. Soon you will begin to recognise some words and get a thrill when you start to understand more and more.

3. Write it down

Each time you learn a new word, write it down. Try to use that word in a sentence three or four times throughout the week. This will help you remember the word, remember how it is written and remember how to use it correctly. Keep all your words in the one book that way you can go back and look at them again; you can even take it with you in your bag so you can look through it when you have time.

4. Make some English speaking friends

By surrounding yourself with people who speak English, you’ll have to use your English to join in the conversation! You may feel uncomfortable and make mistakes, but it is all a part of learning something new. Your English speaking friends will be able to help you and you may pick up some useful slang words that will make you feel less formal when chatting with your friends.

Learning English can be challenging, so don’t give up. The more you practice the more comfortable and confident you will feel speaking with English speakers from all over the world. Learn Local providers can help you improve your English skills. Find our more here https://learnlocal1.wpengine.com/wycl/languages/