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5 great questions to ask at your next job interview

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Job interviews can be tricky to navigate. You might be nervous and unsure of what to expect, and it can be a stressful situation. You might think that you are there just for your prospective employer to ask you questions and find out more about you, but did you know that job interviews are also an opportunity for you to ask the questions?

In fact, from an employer’s point of view, a job candidate who asks good questions might be even more valuable than a job candidate who simply gives good answers.

Here are 5 great questions to ask that will not only help you to learn more about the role and the company, but will also put you in a much more interesting and flattering light.

1. What will my day-to-day responsibilities be?

Being clear about your role and the tasks that you would be expected to carry out is crucial. Never make assumptions about the work. For the prospective employer, a job candidate who asks this question shows initiative and a willingness to take responsibility.

2. When did you join the company?

Getting the interviewer to talk a little bit about themselves not only makes things a little less formal and scripted, it also helps you to gain valuable insight into the culture of the company and what it’s really like to work there. A different question that is in a similar vein might be: what do you enjoy most about working here?

3. Are there opportunities for training and career progression?

Interviewers like this question because it shows that you are thinking about the future and you are keen to learn. It also helps you to find out more about where the job might lead and the skills that you might be expected to have or acquire.

4. Do you have any hesitations about my qualifications or experience?

This might seem like a really bold question to ask, but that is precisely what makes it so great. It shows your interviewer that you are confident in your skills and abilities, and if there are hesitations on their part, this question opens up an opportunity for you to address any concerns the prospective employer might have.

5. What is the next step in the recruitment process?

This is an essential last question that a lot of people forget to ask, so make sure you keep it in mind. It shows that you are interested in moving along the process and are keen to follow up on your chat today, plus it might also reveal how many people are in the running for the position.

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