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Are you thinking of working in the community services sector?

Childcare worker

The community services sector offers a broad range of job options and can provide a great sense of satisfaction, but is it right for you?

Childcare workerJob diversity

There are plenty of different positions within the community services sector, such as:

  • Alcohol and drug officer
  • Child protection officer
  • Disability services officer
  • Aged care worker
  • Family services worker
  • Emergency relief worker
  • Child care worker
  • Youth worker and more!

Not only can you work in lots of different roles, you can also work in lots of different locations. The community services sector is growing and there is high demand across Victoria for community workers. When working in the community services sector you may be able to work in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors – this opens up your work options even more!

Making a difference in people’s lives

Working in the community services sector will often mean that you are working with people who are vulnerable and in need of assistance. Your work could have a positive impact on their lives. You will be able to advocate on behalf of your client to ensure that they get the things they need to improve their situation. Working in this area could also make a difference in your life too. Contributing in a positive way to society can give you a great sense of satisfaction as your work will help individuals and families, and also contribute towards building a stronger community.

Is community services work right for you?

People who work in community services usually have an understanding of the inequalities in society and want to make a difference; they believe in fairness and everyone having the opportunity to reach their potential. They enjoy helping others and are able to communicate well with different types of people in varied settings.

If this sounds like you why not find out more? Learn Local providers offer pre-accredited and accredited courses. Pre-accredited courses are a great way to get an introduction into an area you may be interested in. Then, if you choose to, you can complete an accredited course and gain a qualification that will allow you to work in your chosen area. Find out more about community services here https://learnlocal1.wpengine.com/wycl/community-2/.