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Being a role model for other learners

Open book with pages shaped into heart

Lifelong learning is a way of life! It means you are constantly engaged, constantly growing, and constantly learning new things from a variety of perspectives.

Here are 5 reasons to be a lifelong learner:

1. Be a role model

Learning is infectious and one’s enthusiasm for learning rubs off on the people around them, especially family and friends. Your experiences can inspire others to open up to a whole new world of experiences and opportunities they otherwise might never have considered.

2. Learning keeps you healthy

Taking a class, joining a group and participating in new activities gives you a chance to make new friends and improves your self-confidence. Feeling good about yourself has a positive effect on your mental and physical wellbeing.

3. Learning gives back

Open book with pages shaped into heart

Lifelong learning can help people to stay engaged and productive at work. It keeps older people healthy and active in later years, and it helps people participate more actively in their community and the world at large.

4. Learning boosts motivation

If you had a poor experience at school or interrupted schooling it can be a big step to return to learning. But big risk yields big rewards. Lifelong learning is a fulfilling process that never ends.

5. Learning transforms lives

Learning is a life changer. It gives people hope and empowers them to participate as equals in their communities and in society. It gives people the skills and confidence to live in harmony in a diverse, multicultural and rapidly changing society. Lifelong Learning helps you stay adaptable and flexible in the face of changes throughout your life.

Feeling inspired to be a lifelong learner? Start your journey today by contacting your nearby Learn Local providers and find out what courses are available.