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Being active and in the moment

if you are not listening you are not learning

So, you’ve started a new Learn Local course and it’s the first time you’ve been in a learning environment in a while.

You’re listening to your class facilitator talk about the course material, but are you actively listening?

Active listening involves not just listening but listening attentively and processing what is being said.

This is an important skill to develop. If we do not learn to be good listeners, and to show genuine interest in others and what they have to say, our ability to learn isn’t as effective. The skills of active listening also carry on into many other areas of our lives such as our social, family and work life.

What are some good signs of active listening?

An active listener:

  • Pays attention – don’t get distracted by your phone, or read something else while someone is talking to you
  • Looks at the person who is talking to them to show they are alert
  • Doesn’t talk over people, but waits to speak when it’s their turn
  • Asks questions and probes
  • Visualises what’s being said
  • Reflects, summarises and clarifies what they’ve been told

So next time you’re listening to somebody speak, be attentive, avoid distractions, and provide feedback. This will provide a more meaningful exchange for everyone involved and will help you to absorb and retain information better.

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