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Considering a career change

Time for change written in chalk

Do you dread going to work everyday? Count the minutes until it’s over? Live for the weekend?

Having a job you enjoy leads to higher life satisfaction and bolsters your happiness. If you’ve identified a career or job that will make you happy, here’s the things you should know when planning a career change.

Having the right skills

Transferring into another career can be difficult as you will be competing for jobs against applicants who are already skilled in the area.

Learn Local offers a range of courses that cater to any skill level whether you’re looking to upskill in your field or try something new altogether. 

Looking within your current job

Letting your current employer know you want to broaden your horizons can lead to opportunities at your workplace. Making it clear to your boss that you are interested in another field that your company or organisation works in already may make it easier to transition and to see if it is suitable for you. Employers are more likely to hire from within the company so showing dedication and skill will see you succeed.

Starting back at the bottom

It’s unlikely that when you enter a new industry that you’ll make the same salary, as you’ll likely be starting more entry-level roles. Making sure you can support yourself on a smaller salary is important if you want to succeed in your new job. Setting up a budget to ensure that you can keep up with your expenses before you quit your job will let you give your all to your new job.