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It’s never too late to enter the digital world

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As a society, we have become so reliant on using digital technology to communicate and conduct our everyday lives, it’s important that we ensure parts of our community don’t get left behind.

There are so many benefits to modern digital technology such as internet, smart devices and applications:

  • They keep people socially engaged with loved ones, friends and communities
  • They keep people informed about what’s happening in local communities, across the country and the world
  • They allow people to perform everyday tasks like accessing government services (e.g. MyGov), shopping, banking and booking tickets for events
  • They provide access to entertainment through audio and visual streaming services

At last count, 86% of the Australian population was digitally connected.

There has also been a huge growth in the number of people aged 65 and over who use the internet over the last 15 years. In 2015 79% of people aged 65 and over had used the internet compared to 6% in 2001.

Many Learn Local providers are helping close the gap between older age and technology use by providing workshops or courses to learn new digital skills such as using email, social media, streaming services such as Skype, and smart phone technology.

If you find digital technology a little intimidating, or simply want to get better at using it, find out about the range of digital literacy programs offered any your nearby Learn Locals providers.