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Make studying outside of the classroom work for you

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When studying at home after your Learn Local class, make sure your study space works for you as this will help you achieve your goals.

Finding a space

Create a study space the suits your needs. Some people need a quiet place with no distractions, whereas others enjoy the company, collaboration or the inspiration of others. Test out a few study spaces to see what kind of environment you feel most comfortable in. Whether it’s at home, at a coffee shop or at the library, finding the right place to study is invaluable.

Stop procrastinating
Procrastinating today is made easier by all the technology that surrounds us – after all, distractions are only a click away! With no teacher keeping you on task it’s easy to procrastinate and get distracted. Keep your phone in another room or out of reach so you’re not tempted to scroll. There are many sites that will block websites for a certain amount of time so you can’t go on Facebook or YouTube no matter how much you would like to.
Set self-timers – every 30 minutes go for a little walk, get a drink of water or respond to some notifications. By breaking up the work you’ll find it more manageable and you won’t burn out too quickly.

Get comfortable
There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable while studying. Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in, get the temperature right, and have a bottle or glass of water nearby. That way you won’t have to get up to put on a jumper or because you’re thirsty. Everything you need for your study should be within arm’s reach.

Get in the zone
Get yourself in the right headspace for really buckling down and getting some work done. Maybe playing some music helps you focus, or having a candle lit makes you feel zen enough to tackle a more challenging subject. Maybe you just can’t study without a caffeine hit to get you going. Whatever it may be, everyone has different things that gets them in the zone.

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