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Person in fluorescent vest digging a trench.

A job in construction

An Employability Skills Civil Construction Labourer program at Prace – a Learn Local provider – is helping Jasper achieve his goal of become a civil engineer.

Prace’s course has been co-designed with lead employers in construction – Mirvac and Winslow – and it’s helping people like Jasper find work as labourers in civil construction.

‘I found the course very interesting and I enjoyed it a lot. I gained so much knowledge which helped me to be work ready.’

The three week program focusses on building problem-solving and teamwork skills, improving communication and conflict resolution skills, developing a strong understanding of industry-specific OHS and ultimately getting a white card.

‘Health and safety awareness was a very important topic, this being the number one priority for me when working in this industry,’ explained Jasper.

‘We also touched on all the various roles within the civil construction industry, which has given me a wider perspective. This has enabled me to start setting realistic goals for myself.’

Through Prace’s partnerships and the program, Jasper now has a casual contract with Winslow, which he hopes will turn into a permanent role.

‘I am part of a team that builds, installs and maintains electrical systems and equipment. The role is challenging, and I am learning new things every day.’

‘My dream job is to become a civil engineer and I am now on my way to reaching my ultimate goal.’