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A lifelong learning journey

Brayden’s journey with Learn Local provider Foundation Learning Centre (FLC) has truly been lifelong because it started with the Centre’s pre-school program.

But it all really began when he completed a general education certificate with FLC while completing years 9 and 10.

FLC’s wellbeing team gave Brayden the support he needed to settle into class and after a few months he started to feel, in his words, ‘like a normal person again’.

‘FLC is seriously the best place to go if you are struggling. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.’

After his time at FLC, Brayden pursued an interest in computers and enrolled in a TAFE course. He loved learning about computers but found the program challenging, and when they had to transition the program to online during COVID, Brayden simply found that it wasn’t right for him.

Brayden returned to the familiarity of FLC knowing he would get the support and flexibility he needed in their Learn Local Take the Next Step program.

In this program, Brayden developed skills that will help him find work. He also learnt how to set realistic goals for himself. But best of all, according to his mum, he got his spark back.