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A supported pathway to work

Mahasin’s primary goal since coming to Australia from Sudan, where she worked as a journalist, was to find a job.

She started by learning English at Wingate Avenue Community Centre. Later, she completed a Certificate III in Children’s Services at Kensington Neighbourhood House to further enhance her skills.

Despite facing challenges in finding work, Mahasin enrolled in English classes at Farnham Street Neighbourhood Learning Centre (FSNLC) based on a friend’s suggestion.

She also took advantage of other offerings at FSNLC, like gardening and their one-on-one volunteer English program.

Mahasin’s recent volunteer played a crucial role in helping her secure a job in the services industry. The volunteer supported her tirelessly throughout the induction and training process.

Currently, Mahasin is balancing work with her studies at FSNLC, where she is enrolled in an ACFE funded Workplace English and Digital Skills program to gain the necessary digital skills for her job. She expresses her improvement in computer skills, stating, “Before I wasn’t good at computers, but now I’ve improved.”

Reflecting on her learning journey, Mahasin expresses a sense of independence and confidence.

She states, “I feel confident to go any place and ask a question. I do everything for myself.”

With newfound self-assurance, Mahasin now sets her sights on furthering her studies and pursuing a career as a Disability Support worker.