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Communicating with others

For Jang, improving her English language skills was all about being able to participate better in everyday life.

Jang came to Australia from Thailand eight years ago and she could not speak English at all.

She enrolled in a Learn Local program at Community Learning Centre in Rowville.

“I really wanted to speak with my husband in English”, says Jang.

But there were other issues that Jang had to navigate. When she went to the doctors, she always needed someone to tag along with her to explain things to the doctor and so that she could understand the doctor’s advice.

Even shopping at the local supermarket presented many challenges for Jang. She needed to understand the prices of things and read labels.

After coming to CLC, little by little her language skills have began to develop.

“Karen my teacher really helped. She is really good. Like a sister,” explains Jang.

The small steps Jang has taken to improve her reading, writing and maths skills have really improve her quality of life and have helped her to feel more included in her community.