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Rohan and Tasos

From daunted to dedicated

Now I can read and understand my bills.

An injury or illness at work can create big changes in people’s lives. For Tasos, it set him on a whole new pathway but first he had to overcome some challenges.

“When WorkCover sent me to a Learn Local provider, I didn’t want to come. I’m 52, I don’t want to go to school.”

Tasos came to Australia as a young man and started working in a factory straightaway, so when he arrived at Preston Reservoir Adult Community Education (PRACE), he found it all a bit strange.

“At first, I was lost! After two-to-three weeks I started to understand what was going on.”

After years of factory work, Tasos has now developed new skills that have really helped him better manage his life.

“Now I can use a computer at home, I can read and understand my bills and I can talk to everyone. Before I was too shy to talk English. I come now to PRACE and I learn.” 



Adult literacy teacher – Rohan  

“Returning to a learning environment can be very scary and daunting for some people. So, in my class I foster a relaxed, humorous and open classroom atmosphere with a focus on fascinating and thought-provoking topics that students ponder, discuss, read about and write about.”