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From the factory floor

“I want to keep working.”

Maxine worked in a factory for over 30 years. This work was a bit repetitive and less about interacting and communicating with people, which Maxine loves to do.

“I worked in a factory for a long time but now I want to get to know people and start new career.”

Many people make different choices when they reach the later parts of their life and Maxine is no exception. She is looking now to move into personal care and Laverton Community Education Centre is supporting her with this goal.

“I heard about the class in the local paper and so far I am thoroughly enjoying it.”

Maxine comes to Laverton CEC every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Work is an important part of her life and she wants to keep working in a satisfying job for as long as she can.

“I want to keep working, I have no intention of stopping working.”