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I love a challenge

When Ayan first arrived in Australia from a refugee camp in Malawi, it was not easy but she always had a positive outlook.

‘I adjusted and now I’m working as a casual aged care worker and studying as well.’

Ayan, a mother of three, didn’t start from scratch in Australia. She had completed high school in Somalia as well as a year of nursing. She could also speak English.

‘I worked with the UNHCR and other organisations as an interpreter and this developed her English.’

She continued building her English skills at North Melbourne Language and Learning but now she is focussed on her digital skills.

‘I never had the chance to learn computers back home. We didn’t have a lot of technology. It is an opportunity for me.’

Ayan is studying the basics of computers, including communicating using technologies such as email and Zoom.

‘I learnt a lot in four weeks. The teacher is very open and understanding. He is actually very funny sometimes. He makes a lot of jokes. It has been really beneficial.’

Ayan is always looking to the future.

‘I love learning new things. I am a person who likes being challenged and nailing things. It’s a beautiful life.’