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Mason in front of cafe

I wasn’t super confident

Now I know what I want to do

Mason was referred to The Bridge, a Learn Local provider located in Preston, from a Disability Employment Service. He was searching for work but wasn’t having much luck. He knew he needed some support to get where he wanted to go.

“I wasn’t super confident in myself.”

The Bridge offers a program that builds work-readiness skills, and helps people make a successful transition into sustainable employment or further studies. The program is all about empowering people.

“It’s given me a lot of skills that I’ve lacked.”

Mason can now competently apply for work, and he has also developed his critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork skills.

“It has really helped me come out of my shell, and helped me figure out what I want to do.”

Mason has since found work but has also gained something more valuable – a love of learning.