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Saw in front of Wyndham sign

Work skills for a new life

Saw worked as a farmer in Myanmar before fleeing to Thailand, where he spent 10 long years in a refugee camp. During this time, he helped out in the camp hospital.

When Saw arrived in Australia in 2018, he needed to learn English, and this is how he first connected with Wyndham Community Education Centre.

Chris, Saw’s tutor, encouraged him to enrol in a Learn Local Skills for Work and Study Building and Construction course.

‘I knew that Saw likes to work with his hands and to build things so the course was very suitable for him‘, says Chris.

Saw’s friend who works in the industry told him there are lots of different jobs in building and construction.

I’m fit – I have my hands, my legs, my eyes. I need to do the job. It’s for my kids. My kids don’t have mother. The mother … and father is me‘, explains Saw.

After completing the course, Saw got a White Card, which you must have to work on a construction site. Now he has his sights set on a brick laying apprenticeship.