A job in construction

An Employability Skills Civil Construction Labourer program at Prace – a Learn Local provider – is helping Jasper achieve his goal of become a civil engineer. Prace’s course has been co-designed with lead employers in construction – Mirvac and Winslow – and it’s helping people like Jasper find work as labourers in civil construction. ‘I… Read more »

Hungry for success

When Jayden was looking for work, he knew his communication skills were affecting his chances of finding a good job. His employment service provider suggested he enrol in Glen Park Community Centre’s Hungry 4 Success program. “They thought it was a really good fit because I was lacking communication skills and I was always really… Read more »

Fulfilling old dreams

As a refugee arriving in Australia from Burundi 3 years ago, Omer had to face more than leaving his home country, settling in a new one and learning a new language. He also had to overcome a severe leg injury that left him unable to walk. Omer started attending the Sunraysia Mallee Ethnic Communities Council’s… Read more »

I love a challenge

When Ayan first arrived in Australia from a refugee camp in Malawi, it was not easy but she always had a positive outlook. ‘I adjusted and now I’m working as a casual aged care worker and studying as well.’ Ayan, a mother of three, didn’t start from scratch in Australia. She had completed high school… Read more »

Learning stitch by stitch

Amina was born in Somalia but moved to neighbouring Kenya when she was 9 years old due to war. ‘I was 28 when I came to Australia. I could speak English but the accent was very different. The culture was different. It was very hard.’ Amina is now a full-time mum. Her children go to… Read more »

My time to learn

Things changed for Mey after her father died. “In my country, life was hard for me.” Mey was unable to continue in school and went to work to help support the family. “I had to leave school after Year 7. My brothers stayed in school but I had to help mum.” Mey worked as a… Read more »

I learn a lot from my teachers

Thi My Hanh Nguyen moved back to Victoria from Queensland in December 2020, right in the middle of the Covid19 pandemic. ‘A neighbour helped me move – he is my hero, he let me stay at his place and helped me get back on my feet.’ Thi first interacted with Yarraville Community Centre (YCC) via… Read more »

From dressmaker to carer

Sokha was born in Cambodia and lived in the countryside with her parents. ‘I left high school in 1999, and went to Phnom Penn to study dressmaking for a year.’ After that, Sokha went back to her home town where she taught young girls to sew. ‘In my home town there were not many jobs,… Read more »

A lifelong learning journey

Brayden’s journey with Learn Local provider Foundation Learning Centre (FLC) has truly been lifelong because it started with the Centre’s pre-school program. But it all really began when he completed a general education certificate with FLC while completing years 9 and 10. FLC’s wellbeing team gave Brayden the support he needed to settle into class… Read more »

Work skills for a new life

Saw worked as a farmer in Myanmar before fleeing to Thailand, where he spent 10 long years in a refugee camp. During this time, he helped out in the camp hospital. When Saw arrived in Australia in 2018, he needed to learn English, and this is how he first connected with Wyndham Community Education Centre…. Read more »

New challenges ahead

When you have small children, sometimes you need a little extra support to build your confidence and learn new skills. “I think it is important for young mums to have somewhere to go where they can connect with other young mums, as well as develop skills for everyday life”, explains Georgia. Georgia became a champion… Read more »

A new direction

Jason had been unemployed for a long time. He felt directionless and was at the point where he rarely left his house. Things began to change after he enrolled in a Step Up To Work program at Bridge Darebin Neighbourhood House. This program gave Jason new skills in technology and helped to prepare him for… Read more »

Resilient and reconnected

It’s not always easy to pick things up and return to learning but Haylee knew that it was the key to getting her life back on track. Haylee found the right program for her at Cire Services. The Future4Me program develops life skills as well as digital and job skills. The program includes a lot… Read more »

Sense of confidence

Cliff joined Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre in 2018. He was introduced to the Centre through his wife who worked as the Centre’s kitchen assistant. He got involved by volunteering at the Centre serving meals at the community lunch program. In doing this, he was introduced to one of the Work and Learning advisors. Cliff’s advisor supported… Read more »

Paying off big time

Taking the Noweyung Learn Local Kick Start Your Career in Health course was a big step for Bryanna Paynter-Harvie, but the effort paid off big time. It helped her overcome difficult trauma and health issues and she developed the confidence to work towards her ultimate goal of becoming a primary school teacher. Bryanna blossomed from… Read more »

A leader in the making

Colleen Forbes, an indigenous woman of the Kurnai clan, grew up in an idyllic traditional environment with her people on Lake Tyers. In 2019, with courage and determination, she undertook a Learn Local Kickstart in Hospitality and Retail course at Community College Gippsland. In the beginning of the six-week learning program, Colleen’s confidence was low…. Read more »

Taking that next step

It has given me a confidence boost. After some years at home looking after her family, Kelly decided the time was right to explore new possibilities for herself. “I worked in hospitality for five years, then I had a baby.” Kelly came across the Getting Started with Computers program at Cloverdale Community Centre. This program… Read more »

Opening new doors

Milad migrated to Australia in the late 1990s from Beirut. He worked hard for 20 years in different workplaces, including a factory and a laundry business. He was lucky because he was able to work at these places even though he had a lot of difficulty reading and writing. “My family helped me with my… Read more »

21st century learning

The course has brought me into the twenty-first century. When Martyn started a learning program at Echuca Neighbourhood House, he really just wanted to update his resume. But learning has opened up a whole new world for him. “I joined the Learn Local Creative Writing class to help polish my resume but I got so… Read more »

New town, new start

The course has made everything easier for me. Jenna discovered that moving to a new town provided the perfect opportunity for renewal. She enrolled in a literacy and numeracy program at The Centre, a Learn Local provider located in Benalla. “I only recently moved to Benalla. The course has helped me in so many ways…. Read more »

From daunted to dedicated

Now I can read and understand my bills. An injury or illness at work can create big changes in people’s lives. For Tasos, it set him on a whole new pathway but first he had to overcome some challenges. “When WorkCover sent me to a Learn Local provider, I didn’t want to come. I’m 52,… Read more »

Taking pride in his work

We are all very proud of the work we are doing. Sammy has discovered the joy of the outdoors through a horticulture program at Learn Local provider, Kew Neighbourhood Learning Centre. “There are 14 of us in the Taster Course in Horticulture and we are all very proud of the work we are doing.” The… Read more »

A brighter future

Kitti moved from Thailand to Australia in 2016. She had been a teacher for 13 years in Thailand but her qualifications were not recognised here. Kitti found out about Ballarat Neighbourhood Centre’s Enterprising Communities program, which includes hospitality courses that have a strong work focus. The Enterprising Communities program allowed Kitti to learn new skills,… Read more »

Young mum finds purpose

Rebecca Cupitt left high school when she was 15. ‘I hung out with a crowd who thought it was a waste of time and I was easily influenced by my peers.’ At 17 she was pregnant, alone, and at risk of being homeless. Mallee Accommodation Support Program found Rebecca somewhere to live and referred her… Read more »

Computer skills for life

Helen wanted to find a place where she could learn about computers without feeling intimidated. ‘I needed an environment where people were patient and where I wouldn’t feel totally lost’, says Helen. Pines Learning gave Helen the confidence she needed to pursue a beginners’ computers class. ‘I knew there were going to be people at… Read more »

At work you need digital skills

“I’d like to learn how to program workplace machines.” The workplace has changed a lot and Paul found that he needed to new technology skills to remain current and use computerised equipment. “I’m now unemployed and anywhere you look for work – you need to know how to use a computer.” Paul tried TAFE but… Read more »

Learning and making friends

Moe and Ngoc are in the same English language class at Laverton Community Education Centre. They both live locally and finding work is really important to them. ‘I want to learn English so I can find work in Australia’, says Moe. Learning English is not easy so it really helps to be surrounded by friendly… Read more »

I just fit in here

“I just wanted to help my son with his homework and not feel like I can’t help him.” Sarah Jane is a single mum. She was participating in Olympic Adult Education’s play group program when she discovered that a few of her friends were attending Olympic’s adult education classes. “So I did a bit of… Read more »

Time for a career shift

“I want to get the most out of what I am learning.” Vicki has worked in an office environment her whole life. “I was working in customer services in a sales and manufacturing environment. But it was very stressful.” What Vicki really wanted was to take a sideways move into a job that was a… Read more »

An opportunity for a new career

“I wanted to know more.” Isam was interested in aged care but he wanted to know more because there are many different job roles within the sector, including front-line support and administrative roles. Isam attended a six week mentoring program for people interested in working in aged care or disability support at the Australian Multicultural… Read more »

I wasn’t super confident

Now I know what I want to do Mason was referred to The Bridge, a Learn Local provider located in Preston, from a Disability Employment Service. He was searching for work but wasn’t having much luck. He knew he needed some support to get where he wanted to go. “I wasn’t super confident in myself.”… Read more »

Helping more at home

“I want to keep working.” Emily is currently studying work education. It’s important to Emily to further her education so that she can get a good job. “I want to find a job so that I can help out my mum.” But there are many other reasons why Emily loves coming to class at Laverton… Read more »

Planning an event

“I wanted new skills and more job opportunities.” Penny is 26 years old but it was actually her mother who first introduced her to Reservoir Neighbourhood House. “And WOW, there’s just so many things to do here.” Reservoir Neighbourhood House offers a wide range of learning programs and support services. “I’ve been coming here since… Read more »

Learning to be yourself

Samantha wants everyone to know that having a disability doesn’t need to hold you back from further study or finding a job. “I want to become a teacher. Probably a teacher for deaf people.” A work education program at a Local Learn provider is helping Samantha to reach this goal. This program helps people prepare… Read more »

From the factory floor

“I want to keep working.” Maxine worked in a factory for over 30 years. This work was a bit repetitive and less about interacting and communicating with people, which Maxine loves to do. “I worked in a factory for a long time but now I want to get to know people and start new career.”… Read more »

Finding the right help

“My goal is to get a job.” Yuki has been in Australia for ten years but she struggled to find the right support to help her improve her English language skills. That is, until now. “I was still struggling with my English skills.” By improving your English language skills, you are also creating more opportunities… Read more »

Caring for older people

“This is so important for me because I have a passion for people.” Dominic cares about people. He previously worked in customer care before returning to study at Laverton Community Education Centre. “I am very interested in helping older people become independent.” Dominic wants a career change and, given his background, aged care would be… Read more »

Building new skills

“Before I get very nervous – now I’m waiting, waiting to get back on Monday.” Vui came to live in Australia after the Vietnam War over 36 years ago. She could not speak or understand English. Over the years, she has found support at Yarraville Community Centre. “I learn many things here and I’m very… Read more »