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Adjusting to change

Joanne sitting on steps


I didn’t know anyone and found it difficult to adjust

Joanne moved to Victoria from Queensland at the end of Year 9. She didn’t know anyone and found it difficult to adjust.

 ‘I had a lot of time off school. But they still put me up. I didn’t finish Year 10 – didn’t get the pass. When that happened I was kind of in a bad place.’

Despite her bad experience at school, Joanne wanted to continue her VCAL studies. She decided to check out the VCAL program at a Learn Local.

‘I came here last year for a day. I walked out – I didn’t feel a part of it. I thought why am I putting myself through this?’

Joanne took some time out to think about what she really wanted.

‘I made myself come back. I thought why am I doing this. I’m sabotaging myself. I’m not getting anywhere. This is something that I want to achieve and finish.’

Joanne came back to her Learn Local provider and got the support she needed to achieve her goals.

‘I always wanted to go all the way through and be a midwife. But now I’m learning new things. I love PowerPoint and Publisher. We support each other here. I need that support. We all rely on each other. We don’t judge each other.’