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Bridges to learning



‘After I moved to the country I lost confidence and felt a bit isolated.’

Michelle and her family were after a lifestyle change. Her partner was working long hours in Melbourne and they both felt that moving to the country would give them more time together. But, the move presented some unexpected challenges. They had to make new friends, which can be tough in a small community. Then Michelle’s partner had an accident and lost his job.

‘I was a stay-at-home mum with four boys. I’d been out of the paid workforce for 10 years – I didn’t even have an up-to-date resume.’

Michelle had worked as a store manager before she had children but she’d lost confidence in herself. She decided to start from scratch and enrol in the Increasing Women’s Options program at a Learn Local provider in her community. This program is about developing life skills in basic computing, resume writing, interviewing and goal setting.

‘Then I did the International Computer Driving Licence. The trainers were very friendly and supportive.’

Michelle applied for two jobs after she completed her training. Her second application got her a job at the local hospital. In fact, 6 out of the 8 people that took part in that course are now actively employed. Michelle and three others from the course have since created a friendship group in the local community.

‘I had developed a lot of skills as a mum but I didn’t see that when I was at home.’ 

In 2013, Michelle won the Learn Local award for ‘Outstanding Pre-accredited Learner.’

‘I was absolutely stunned – so happy just to be a finalist. Didn’t even imagine I was going to be a winner. It’s been a huge couple of years for me. I’m so much more confident.’