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Building confidence

Young female Dan


‘It make me feel more confident.’

Dan came to Australia from China two years ago. She was a bright student and had started an economics degree at university. But she was struggling with her English language skills and ultimately she became quite ill and had to defer her studies.

‘I had a long rest from my university. I sick. I couldn’t continue my school.’

Dan took some time out to get herself well. Then she contacted student services who told her about Williamstown Community and Education Centre – a Learn Local provider very close to her home. At Williamstown Community and Education Centre, Dan could take some time to improve her English skills before re-enrolling at university.

‘My English was very poor. I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t talk with others. I don’t know how to say – so I come here.

Dan has found that the tutors are patient and can give her the individual assistance she needs.

‘The people here are very kind and friendly. They help me to speak better. It make me feel more confident.’