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Education is the promise

George's learner story


‘I found it a struggle to get out of labouring work.’

George left school early and worked as a labourer for many years.

Despite his limited education, George loved books and was a voracious reader. Reading exposed him to new information and ways of doing things – but he knew his future was bleak without structured education.

‘Life experience is a great asset but to progress in society, education is the promise for the future.’

George’s first foray into formal learning came after a serious car accident left his son severely disabled. George was very involved with his care but wanted do more to help his son and others like him. He decided to complete studies in disability.

Despite being 80, George is still working in disability and continuing his education. Mansfield Adult Continuing Education (MACE) a Learn Local provider is supporting him to achieve his learning goals.

‘My latest experience has been the course in Vocational Training and Assessment at MACE. This has been positive and rewarding. For those with aspirations, places like MACE can become the answer.’