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Finding fringe benefits

Young woman in pink hoodie.

“I wanted to get better at reading and writing to help me with everyday things like shopping.”

Literacy is more than just being able to read and write. It is about using these skills to figure out and understand the world we live in. For example, some people may be able to spell really well but that doesn’t mean they understand what the words mean or how to use them.

Improving literacy helps people achieve their goals, whether those goals are about getting a job, socialising or performing daily tasks.

School can be challenging for many people, and while Lauren didn’t hate school, it didn’t quite work for her either. Lauren found support at the Yarraville Community Centre, which is close to where she lives.

“This is different to school in some ways but similar in others.”

At Yarraville Community Centre, Lauren is supported to learn but she still feels like an adult.

“My reading is improving and I can understand things better.”

Sometimes Lauren’s tutor helps her to improve her reading and writing skills by working together on crosswords from the newspaper.

“This helps me think about words and what they mean.”

With support from Yarraville Community Centre, Lauren would like to improve her skill level enough so that she can become a hairdresser one day.

“Yeah, I think I’d be good at that.”