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From sewing to surfing

Woman smiling in blue jumper.


‘I had no time to go to school – just working, working, working.’

It’s hard to believe but in 1976 there were less than 400 Vietnamese-born Victorians, and fewer than 1000 Australia-wide. Things have changed since then, as today there are more than 68,000 Vietnamese-born people living in Victoria.

Pauline came to Australia from Vietnam 30 years ago and entered the workforce.

‘I had no time to go to school – just working, working, working.’

Pauline worked as a seamstress for many years. When the company closed, she founded herself unemployed. This presented a crossroad for Pauline because she really wanted to try something different – to go back to learn something new.

‘I really wanted to learn the computer and get a job using the computer.’

A friend told Pauline about a Learn Local provider in her area – Duke St Community House. At Duke St Community House, Pauline has been able to improve her English language skills and learn the computer at the same time.

‘It’s very friendly here and I feel happy and good.’