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Later life learning

Sharif's story of lifelong learning.


‘I needed to learn how to use a computer so I could look for work.’

Sharif was a banker for 30 years before his wife became ill and he left his job to care for her. Sadly Sharif’s wife passed away last year.

‘There was no point sitting at home looking at the walls. I needed to get back into the workforce.’

When he started looking for work, he discovered just how much technology had changed the workplace. Sharif is now in his 60s; when he was in the bank all the systems were manual.

‘I’ve had a lot of interviews. It’s been hard to find a job. I needed to learn how to use a computer to look for work.’

So Sharif enrolled in a basic computer course at a nearby Learn Local provider.

‘I did the beginner’s course first, which is right from scratch, showing you where the keys are and everything. I’d never used a computer before. My wife used the laptop at home so the beginner’s course was very good for me.’

With his new skills, Sharif can now use the computer to contact his daughters and grandchildren in London – first with email then with Skype. In fact, he has done so well his trainer suggested he complete a more advanced course.

‘Oh, it’s fantastic. The trainer is very good, very helpful. They know their product, which is very important for the person taking the course. This all makes my life very easy. ‘