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Learning in a different way

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‘I was worried about my learning disability.’

Some of us receive and process information differently making it difficult to learn in a traditional environment. Louise identifies with this.

‘I can get a bit confused. I have trouble with reading and writing.’

Louise has done some cleaning work but she has been out of work for a long time. She really wanted to learn new skills. Something she could add to her resume.

Louise learns in a different way to others. She learns through observation.

‘I mainly don’t write things – I usually watch.’

Louise was referred to PRACE, which is a Learn Local provider in Preston. PRACE offers the type of individual support that Louise needs. She enrolled in a massage class and finds her trainer very helpful.

‘When the class is over she gets me on my own and asks me: “How did I go today and if I’ve got any questions or issues. And she said if you ever get confused – you’re welcome to come and see me any time.”

Louise is developing more confidence and is hoping that one day she might be able to start her own massage business.