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Re-igniting old ambitions

John smiling in a suit


“I can’t believe what has happened in a year. I am not the person I was before.”

Last March, John, 52, was coming out of a 15-year relationship. He moved into his own home but soon showed signs of depression.

“I was feeling a bit isolated,” explains John of his new home. “I didn’t know how to speak to people. They invited me to do a few courses. When I started the courses I started mingling with people. I started to get my self confidence.”

John completed a number of courses offered by the Centre for Adult Education (CAE). After programs in cooking and craft, John moved onto a computer course, before now enrolling in a Diploma of Community Services.

“The teachers have really believed in me,” says John. “They have been really supportive.”

John now has career ambitions.

“If I could do what people who work here at Common Ground do, that would be great,” he explains. “I want to work in homelessness or the psychiatric field.”

As well as studying, John has embarked on a weight loss campaign and has lost 42 kilos in the past year.

Camille Heagney, manager of supportive housing at Elizabeth Street Common Ground, adds:

“John has been a breath of fresh air. He had a high level of anxiety and self doubt. But over time we have seen him embrace opportunities. He has made amazing changes to himself physically and has fully participated and taken up with gusto opportunities at CAE. We need people like John.”