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Staying up to date …

Greg's Learner Story

‘I’m gaining knowledge but I’m also getting to meet new people.’

Newspaper printing has been revolutionised by technology. Many printers have lost their jobs. With the rise of the Internet, newspaper publishing requires vastly different skills now.

Greg was made redundant from his printing job at the Herald Sun about a year ago. He knew he needed to develop new skills in other areas but he didn’t know much about computers. He was keen to learn though.

Greg’s friend Peter told him about a computer course that he might be interested in, so he collected a brochure from Holden Street Neighbourhood House –a Learn Local provider – and they enrolled together.

‘People are really friendly here. It’s always open during the day if you want to come and use the computers and practise what you’ve learnt.’

Since undertaking the course, Greg has bought his own computer so that he can practice at home as well.

‘It’s good to be able to learn something new with a friend.’