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Time for reinvention

Tania's story of reinvention


‘I don’t want to go back to any job now.’

Tania has had many different jobs in her lifetime. She worked in a pharmacy for 12 years. She ran her own cleaning business. She is a wife and a mother. She has plenty to keep her busy.

‘It’s easy to get stuck in a rut. But after becoming a mother, I started to look at things differently. I didn’t want to go back to any job.’

While wandering through a shopping plaza, Tania stopped to admire the arrangements at her local florist. She casually picked up a brochure for an introductory course in floristry at a Learn Local provider nearby.

‘I thought that looks fantastic, and so close to home.’

She struck up a conversation with the florist, who told her that she had completed the same Learn Local course before starting her own floristry business. Tania had always wanted to do floristry but she always seemed to have other priorities. It was now time for her to pursue her own interests.

‘I want to do something that I really enjoy. I’ve got another 20 years of work in me.’

Floristry requires a combination of creative, design and administrative skills, and Tania brings her own experience and knowhow to the course. Everyone in the floristry class has their own goals and Tania is very clear about hers.

‘I’d love to have my own shop. Sandra is just an awesome teacher. Very inspiring.’

The floristry class is full of cheerful arrangements made by the students, which they’ve temporarily abandoned for some morning tea in the adjoining tearoom.

‘I feel very relaxed here actually. It’s a really nice setting here. Next year, I’m hoping to do the Cert II.’