Current13: Visceral Affect

Visceral Affect is the fourth project in a series of Current programs developed and curated by Robert Mangion in conjunction with the Footscray Community Art Centre. Exploring visceral affects as a mode of response and instinctual communication, the artists have approached the installation of the exhibition to generate relations between objects, situations and representations.

Examining the way pre-conceptual responses to events, actions and circumstances may be the origin and influence of profound subjective formation and consequence outside language.

Exhibiting in: The Roslyn Smorgon Gallery.

Opening: 22 May 2014, 6–8 pm

Exhibition: 23 May 2014

Artist talk: 31 May 2014, 2–4 pm

Works by: Sarah Hayes, Hugo Egan, Molly Martin, Fiona Schoer, and Hartmut Veit.
Curated by
: Robert Mangion

Featured image: The aura of affects: Artifacts of the vanishing present

Artist: Harmut Veit