Learn Local Award winner

Lisa Stimson – Outstanding pre-accredited learner:

Lisa has come a long way since she began attending Women in Ag at LINK in 2010. Married to a farmer, but not coming from a farming background herself, Lisa found that most farming conversations went straight over her head. Women in Ag has given Lisa the opportunity to gain the knowledge needed for to open the channels of conversation with her husband around farming and improve their business.

Women in Ag is the first formal education Lisa has engaged in since completing Year 12 in 2003. She is now able to contribute to the business by learning more about farming practices and running the farm office.

Since beginning the course, Lisa’s confidence has increased, her organisational and communication skills have improved markedly and through Women in Ag, Lisa has built a network of professional and social contacts she can draw on for further information and knowledge.  She has also gained the confidence to enrol in and successfully complete a Diploma in Agribusiness Management.