Learning something new in 2018

Stawell Neighbourhood House offers some fantastic Learn Local classes that are designed to encourage people to learn something new in 2018.

Stawell NH is currently offering some courses for people to encourage them to ‘get back on the bike’ so to speak. Stawell NH’s Learn Local classes include the aptly titledĀ  Computers for the Terrified, which is as it says for complete newbies. Then there is Basics and Beyond, which is designed for people who have some computer skills but really want to update or improve their skill level on programs they may need to use in the workplace.

For you are looking to join or rejoin the workplace, Stawell NH offers Job Ready in Stawell, which is all about helping people develop the skills and attributes they need to get the job they want.

Check out what else Stawell NH has to offer at www.snhlc.weebly.com or go to their Facebook page.