Noweyung LeAp Services

Noweyung’s LeAp (Life, Expectations, Abilities and Possibilities) program provides training mostly to people with disabilities; however, they also provide adult education to others in the community. Noweyung has two bases in Bairnsdale and Orbost. Their core belief is that all people have equal value and that they all have the potential to learn. The service is based on understanding the person, their needs, their communication and their abilities.

Staff at Noweyung work with individuals to plan goals and assist them to realise these goals – this is the essence of the support and training they provide. For many of their participants, this is built around the activities that they choose and enjoy. This approach is also applied within all their pre-accredited courses and it works well with the cohorts they are seeking to attract. The pre-accredited courses they provide include:

  • Literacy for Life
  • Introduction to Hospitality Work
  • Introduction to Retail
  • Introduction to Garden Maintenance
  • Introduction to Community Work
  • Literacy through Radio Delivery
  • Fundamentals of E Capabilities

Noewyung is the lead agent in GELLA (Gippsland East Learn Local Alliance) based at the East Gippsland Education and Community Hub in Bairnsdale. The delivery of this Alliance is expanding and GELLA is establishing itself as an important provider of pre-accredited education within East Gippsland.