Shepparton Access

Shepparton Access is a small service in rural Victoria. Their mission is to create pathways into the community for people with disabilities.

Shepparton Access offers a great range of flexible supports designed to assist people to achieve their own goals and aspirations. They are passionate about empowering people to make a difference to their lives. People are encouraged to reach for their goals, fulfil their potential while having the freedom to dream.

Their education and training programs assist individuals to increase their literacy and numeracy skills, to improve their living skills, to learn about work and to create a pathway to further education and employment.

The increased use of technology has created new opportunities opportunities for people with disabilities to increase their communication, become enabled in the work environment and promote connectedness to the local community.

Their continuing focus on environmental sustainability has resulted in their notion of ‘Park to Plate’. EcoPark provides the ideal setting for their Horticulture courses. The growing of vegetables and herbs and the raising of chickens provides many ingredients for the making of sauces and chutneys in Hospitality. After the sauces and chutneys are bottled and labelled they are sold in our Eco Store.