Shining the spotlight

Nominations for the 2017 Victorian Learn Local Awards are now open – celebrating the contribution that more than 300 Learn Local organisations make to training across Victoria.

Minister for Training and Skills Gayle Tierney launched this year’s instalment of the awards today, encouraging inspirational pre-accredited learners and outstanding practitioners from across Victoria to apply.

The awards are held annually by the Adult, Community and Further Education Board, and are an ideal chance to pay tribute to the Learn Local sector and the success of learners and the providers who support them.

Learn locals offer pre-accredited and accredited training, with courses covering everything from literacy and numeracy to communication and job search skills.

This year, two acknowledgment categories, the Learn Local Legend and Learn Local Volunteer Champion, will be awarded to eight recipients each. That’s in addition to the five traditional awards, including

  • Pre-accredited learners category
    Outstanding practitioner category
    Outstanding pathways program category
    Excellence in creating local solutions category
    Diversity innovation category

Past winners include pre-accredited learner Karen Hokai. Until a few short years ago, she was trapped in her own home, living with the debilitating effects of depression.

Karen enrolled in a gardening course at East End Community House in Mildura and is now an inspiration to those around her – particularly the Polynesian community.

In total, there is $66,000 to be won across the categories.

To find out more about the Learn Local Awards or to nominate, visit