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Why get back into education?

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Furthering your education at any point in your life is extremely rewarding and can open many doors in both your professional and personal life. By taking a few classes you can learn new skills and meet new interesting people.

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Meeting new people and making friends can be difficult when you’re an adult as there are fewer opportunities to meet people. If you don’t work, it can be hard to find people to interact with. However, by enrolling in courses you can meet similar people who are also looking to make friends. Lifelong learning gives people the confidence to become more involved in their communities as people want to share their thoughts and findings with the community.

It is never too late to learn new things. No matter what your age there are many opportunities for you to discover something new. Lifelong leading helps a lot with memory, as those who keep their brain active over the age 80, are 2.6 times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease and dementia according to a study conducted by The Rush Memory and Aging Project in 2012. Furthermore, seniors who actively use their brain often are more likely to have better mental health. Your brain is a muscle and like your other muscles, it needs to be worked.

Learning new skills that weren’t offered when you went through school can help you stay up to date with new technologies. Computers are so important in today’s world, it can be difficult if you never had the opportunity to learn how to use them. Lifelong education helps you stay up to date with all the new technology so you can talk to your loved ones no matter where they are.

Getting back to the education system offers many benefits, from increased confidence, social interaction, and learning new things. It doesn’t matter if you are learning something completely new for the first time or extending yourself in an area your already familiar with, lifelong education improves your overall wellbeing in many ways.

To experience the many benefits of education in your senior years, check out some of the many classes offered by Learn Local, from maths to English and computers. Enrol in a course today to better yourself.


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