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Community services

Older woman and younger man

Caring for your community

Looking for work in aged care, disability care, home and community care or childcare? Learn Local provider offer quality courses in community services.

Jobs in community services are both rewarding and often in demand. Examples include childcare assistant, family day carer, support worker or personal care attendant. The community services sector is all about helping individuals, families and communities in need and improving their quality of life.

You can choose from a wide range of pre-accredited courses depending on your area of interest and what you want to gain from the course.

Pre-accredited community services programs are a great way to get an introduction to a particular area of community services such as childcare or aged care.  This way you can test out whether this area is one in which you would like to undertake more study or get a qualification in order to get a job.

Some Learn Local community services courses include work experience with a relevant organisation.

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