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Computer skills that may help you with your next job

Computers are everywhere! Smart phones, laptops, tablets, desktop computers and even cash registers play a big part in our lives. So when you’re looking for a new job, being able to list computer skills on your resume may enhance your chances regardless of whether you’re going for an office job or something more hands on. The following are some computer skills that could help you get that job and may also be useful in your everyday life.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a package of software tools that many organisations use daily. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher are a few of the tools available. If you can format a word document, such as type a letter or arrange a report, put together a slideshow presentation, do some basic spreadsheet calculations or create a newsletter, you’ll be able to add value to your future workplace. Having a good understanding of Word will also help you produce a good looking resume and selection criteria.


If you know how to send out bulk messages via email, you’ll be able to increase your workplace’s productivity. Having a good understanding of the calendar function in Microsoft Outlook will also be useful whether you’re scheduling appointments, inviting people to meet with you or arranging a group meeting. Outlook is also a good way to keep track of tasks that you need to complete – so you can use it as a time management tool also.

Social Media and Websites

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are communication tools that a lot of workplaces use. Being able to get a message out into the world effectively and efficiently using social media is a very handy skill to have, particularly now when so many people use social media as one of their main sources of information. Many workplaces also have a website. If you’re able to upload documents, create news articles and add photos you’ll be able to contribute to the maintenance of your workplace’s website.

Accounting Software

QuickBooks and MYOB are two common accounting software packages that organisations use. If you’re interested in financial management, payroll or bookkeeping then having a good understanding of financial software packages is essential.

These are just some of the computer skills that an employer may find valuable. Don’t forget to read the position description thoroughly so that you can highlight your relevant technical skills to match the job. You may not have formal qualifications in computers to list on your resume but your everyday computer use could be adapted into workplace environments. Remember, once you have a basic understanding of software packages, expanding your knowledge and expertise just takes more practice!

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Stay smart online

Don’t forget when you’re using computers and accessing information online to keep a look out for things that sound too good to be true and that appear suspicious. Unfortunately, there are lots of scammers, spam and attachments that could contain viruses that could harm your computer. So be vigilant! Further information is available on this website https://www.cyber.gov.au