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Paying off big time

Taking the Noweyung Learn Local Kick Start Your Career in Health course was a big step for Bryanna Paynter-Harvie, but the effort paid off big time. It helped her overcome difficult trauma and health issues and she developed the confidence to work towards her ultimate goal of becoming a primary school teacher.

Bryanna blossomed from a quiet learner into a confident, enthusiastic student who could work effectively in a team. On the final day of the program she wowed her trainers when she spoke at a public forum about her experiences, and the skills she’d gained from the course. Everyone was impressed by her mature, confident presentation.

The future is looking rosy for Bryanna as she embarks on a Certificate III in Education Support through TAFE Gippsland. However, what’s also outstanding is that Bryanna no longer views her mental health issues as a barrier to education and personal growth.

In 2020, Bryanna received the Young Pre-accredited Learner Award at the Learn Local Awards.