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Resilient and reconnected

It’s not always easy to pick things up and return to learning but Haylee knew that it was the key to getting her life back on track.

Haylee found the right program for her at Cire Services. The Future4Me program develops life skills as well as digital and job skills.

The program includes a lot of practical, hands-on activities as well as activities outside the classroom.

“But I also needed to find the discipline to attend classes regularly and on time”, says Haylee.

After completing the program, Haylee went on to gain a first aid certificate, then she was supported to get her driver’s license back after losing it previously.

Now Haylee is employed full-time at a bakery, which is a job she loves, and she has a strong sense of belonging within her community.

“Programs like the one I completed give people confidence and skills to be able to apply for jobs, enrol in courses and to gain certificates. I guess it just gives us more confidence to put ourselves out there, and every community needs that.”