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A tale of resilience and growth

At 15, Tim was eager to leave school as it didn’t really suit him. He then embarked on an apprenticeship, followed by two decades of running a coffee machine repair business. However, after ten years he wanted a change. Tim tried working at Bunnings and was heading toward a management role until severe depression forced him to give up his job.

Subsequently, Tim was diagnosed with ADHD and later autism, shedding light on his school difficulties. This new perspective inspired him to give learning another chance, focusing on his interests and what he most enjoyed.

Tim’s love for gardening led him to enrol in a horticulture course at Kinglake Ranges Neighbourhood House. He successfully completed Introduction to Horticulture and Horticulture Continuing courses, with plans for taking a 12-week Permaculture Design course.

Tim’s tutors praise his motivation, engagement, and friendly nature. He’s made lots of friends at the Neighbourhood House.

Taking the Horticulture courses has helped boost Tim’s gardening confidence. He’s found a real passion for learning and gardening, and he’s developed some strategies to deal with his distractibility. He’s now learning effectively and passionately.

Now, at 43, Tim’s focus is on continual learning, taking one course at a time. He aspires to take more courses, volunteer in the community garden, and join a beekeeping group. He’s also actively involved with the local SES, enjoying their training and supportive community. Tim is thriving in his newfound love for learning and passion for gardening.

This year he was successful in receiving an Adult Learners Week 2023 scholarship which will help alleviate some of his education-related expenses. Tim’s determination to continue his educational journey is now stronger than ever.