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From adversity to inspiration

Kevin, aged 51, faced anxiety and depression following a life-altering car accident but found renewed purpose in 2021. Overcoming a six-year work gap, he shifted his perspective after receiving advice from his job network. He enrolled in the Learn Local Course – Introduction to Aged Care at Westgate Community Initiatives Group (WCIG), which prepared him for the challenge of undertaking the Certificate III in Aged Care.

‘The introductory course helped me learn about what was going to happen. It helped me understand what I was in for’, he said. ‘I pushed the boundaries. I knew nothing was going to change unless I changed.’

Kevin encourages others to pursue opportunities for learning. ‘If you are not sure what to do with your life – go for something that matters. Don’t let age be a barrier’.

Kevin’s training and placement led him to a job at an aged care facility. ‘Since I have been at work, I have learned new things every day. ‘It helps me hone my skills that will further my education somewhere down the track’.  Learning is important for Kevin. ‘It makes you feel better about everything.’

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Kevin volunteers for Limbs for Life guiding fellow amputees and delivering motivational speeches. Kevin also seeks out independent travel to explore new places and rejuvenate his spirit. Kevin’s story embodies resilience and determination, serving as an inspiration of hope to others.