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Just jump in!

Meet Faith from The Centre in Wodonga. She used to be a stay-at-home mum, but everything changed when she got a chance to study through the CVGT Parents Next Program. From that point on, Faith’s journey took off!

At The Centre, Faith explored different Learn Local courses like Getting There, Step Up, Microsoft Intensive, Digital Essentials 1 and 2, and I Am. These courses helped her prepare for the path she is on now. They were perfect for her because they fit into the busy lives of parents, with classes timed around school drop-offs and pickups. The Centre even provided transport for the students who needed it.

Faith loved learning at The Centre because everyone, from her classmates to her teacher Lyndal, was super friendly and welcoming. She had a wonderful time in class and stays connected with her classmates. Even though she has moved on from studying there, The Centre continues to support her in many ways like using The Centre’s computer  when needed.

Faith found the ‘I Am’ course particularly helpful in boosting her confidence. ‘I believe that learning knows no age or place,’ she says and encourages others to jump right in to learning. ‘It will always work out in the end,’ she adds.

And it certainly did for Faith! Now, she is pursuing a Certificate III in Civil Construction at Wodonga TAFE, taking her journey to new heights.