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Sharing my knowledge

When Halima Malaakh first brought her mum to learn English at Farnham Street Neighbourhood Learning Centre many years ago, little did she know that one day she would be teaching English there herself. Halima’s family’s success story is a beautiful example of the power of education.

Having participated in Learn Local courses, and inspired by her own learning journey, as well as that of her mum, Halima finds joy in teaching others. She began teaching Literacy through Language Experience for Farnham Street at the Debney Meadows Community Hub last year. She used familiar lived experience of migrant women as a foundation for learning.

Continuing on from that, the learners expressed a wish to study digital skills, and this year Halima is running a Moving Ahead with Technology class for Farnham Street at the Hub. Here is demonstration of the beauty of LL courses in action, where students themselves drive what they want to learn as their pathways to employment and further studies.

As well as her teaching work with Farnham Street, Halima also works as a Learning Support Officer at Mount Alexander College, as well as with Moonee Valley City Council as a casual Duty Manager at the newly opened Djerring Flemington Community Hub.

Halima says that learning and upskilling is important to keep pace with the rest of the world, just as she has herself. Learning has changed her life, and she is more independent, self-sufficient, and confident when speaking in public, applying for jobs, and connecting to the wider community. Halima’s story shows that learning knows no age limit and can indeed transform lives.