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My time to learn

Things changed for Mey after her father died.

“In my country, life was hard for me.”

Mey was unable to continue in school and went to work to help support the family.

“I had to leave school after Year 7. My brothers stayed in school but I had to help mum.”

Mey worked as a street vendor. She was a fantastic cook and people loved her food. When she left Cambodia and came to Australia with her husband, she didn’t speak one word of English. She was shy and felt isolated.

“My husband or mother in law always had to go wherever I went. But I wanted to do things myself.”

Dallas Neighbourhood House‘s Learn Local English language pre-accredited program has made a big difference in Mey’s life. Now she can shop and visit the doctor on her own, and much more.

“I can talk with people. I am confident with people. I am very happy.”