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Learning stitch by stitch

Amina was born in Somalia but moved to neighbouring Kenya when she was 9 years old due to war.

‘I was 28 when I came to Australia. I could speak English but the accent was very different. The culture was different. It was very hard.’

Amina is now a full-time mum. Her children go to a local primary school.

‘My children attend a homework club. One of the lady’s from North Melbourne Language Learning came along and told me what they offer.’

Amina started with the sewing classes and they helped her build her English language skills. From there, she commenced a beginner’s computer class because the school required information to be emailed about her children, such as their immunisation certificates.

‘I have learnt how to compose an email, attach a file, send a photo and to reply. I always struggle attaching a file. My teacher is excellent. He has really helped me.’

From here, Amina is planning to take on a new digital challenge with a more advanced computer course.