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Jenna and Lyndal

New town, new start

The course has made everything easier for me.

Jenna discovered that moving to a new town provided the perfect opportunity for renewal. She enrolled in a literacy and numeracy program at The Centre, a Learn Local provider located in Benalla.

“I only recently moved to Benalla. The course has helped me in so many ways. It has helped me get out of the house, feel more comfortable in myself.”

The literacy and numeracy program has expanded Jenna’s horizons and given her more confidence with budgeting and with managing her own finances.

“The course has made everything easier for me, including making new friends and extending my learning.”

Jenna is really keen to find work in her new home town.

“Doing work experience will give me confidence in the workplace and will help me find a job. The experience is absolutely fantastic.”



Adult literacy, digital and employability skills teacher – Lyndal

“Teaching at The Centre means I get to work closely with people to help them achieve their goals. The classes are small so I can build a rapport with students. I love the satisfaction of knowing that I have helped people move in the right direction with their lives. I’ve seen many students arrive with low self-esteem. As they do their course, they come out of their shell, can identify a range of choices they can make and become confident that they can move into their career or into their education.”