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Healthy food for a healthy brain

Learning is healthy

Eating a balanced diet isn’t just important for your physical health, it also improves brain cognition and concentration, making it easier to take in and retain information. At Learn Local, we want you to get the most out of every class you attend. By eating healthily you’ll find learning easier than ever.

Some classes can be hard enough without the 3 o’clock drowsiness or agitation creeping in, but by giving your brain a healthy boost of whole foods, it will ensure that you are in the best mindset to learn new information. Studies show that students who eat well are more likely to concentrate and achieve learning outcomes.

Our brains need a variety of nutrients in order to perform at its highest, similar to how high performance vehicles run better on premium fuel. The food we eat provides us with the primary building blocks for brain function ensuring that our brains reach their full potential. Healthy eating is crucial to brain cognition (thinking), meaning that when we eat whole foods such as fruit, vegetables, and grains, our brain is better, making it easier to focus and remember information.

Making healthy eating sustainable

Strict diets are notoriously difficult to stick to, with most people abandoning it within a few months because of its imposing restrictions. However, enjoying a balanced diet, of whole foods (90%) and junk foods (10%), is the key to sustaining healthy eating, as when we eliminate certain foods from our diets it can increase cravings and decrease long-term success. But by giving yourself a treat every now and then, it will help you maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Give yourself the head start in class by eating a healthy balanced diet. Just by adding blueberries to your breakfast, snacking on nuts, and having salmon for dinner, you’ll see the results in the classroom. 

Learn Local offers a range of classes, from barista courses to accounting, and by eating a healthy diet you’ll ensure that you are getting the most out of your classes and achieve your learning goals.


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