Interested in a career in horticulture?

Got a green thumb? Love getting out in the gardening and growing plants? Maybe you’re passionate about growing your own fruit and vegetables.

Maybe floral arranging is something that interests you.

Three women in a community garden

If this sounds like you, a career in horticulture could be the career path for you.

Many Learn Locals offer courses in horticulture which can help get your foot through the door and a career for life.

There are many different areas of horticulture:

  • Arboriculture which is all about the care and removal of individual trees, shrubs, vines, and other perennial woody plants.
  • Turf management includes all aspects of the production and maintenance of turf grass for sports, leisure use or amenity use.
  • Floriculture includes the production and marketing of floral crops.
  • Landscape horticulture includes the production, marketing and maintenance of landscape plants.
  • Olericulture includes the production and marketing of vegetables.
  • Pomology includes the production and marketing of pome fruits.
  • Viticulture includes the production and marketing of grapes.
  • Oenology includes all aspects of wine and winemaking.
  • Postharvest physiology involves maintaining the quality of and preventing the spoilage of plants and animals.

Who knew how diverse this area really was!

If something in that list intrigues you, contact your nearby Learn Local providers to find out if they offer horticultural courses.